Sunday, April 10, 2011

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he knows his way around a bitchy wisecrack.

USA Today

Adams delivers bracing sass and some serious song and dance chops!
Adams has the tough task of humanizing a character who speaks exclusively in bitchy quips and lewd innuendo, but he gets there by working his prodigiously toned butt off.
Adams, meanwhile, has high spirits and plenty for oglers to ogle.
he’s pretty winning as Tick; so is Nick Adams as Felicia.
Among the three leads, Adams seems the most solid and comfortably over the top as a bratty young provocateur.
In the more showy role of Felicia, Nick Adams delivers a performance that is beyond my expectations. A fantastic dancer, a great comedienne and the best singer among the three leads, he actually is more an androgynous gender bender than a drag queen.
After seeing several sexy pictures of Adams’ perfect male physique, I wasn’t expecting to be convinced by him as a drag queen. Those arms are too masculine for anyone to think for a minute he’s a woman. His part in particular has some scenes in which he tries to pass as a woman so being feminine is vital to the role.
But whether it be a move made by director Simon Phillips or costume designers Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner or Adams himself, several of his costumes show off his manly chest and don’t even try to hide the pecs he’s packing. This makes him more androgynous and adds a whole new dimension to his character.
Sheldon, whose rich performance is crucial to this show staying grounded and authentic amid the flirtatious Adams' dazzling tricks and the more familiar (but earnestly acted) quest of Swenson's ambivalent character, does get to remind us all that we are here enjoying choices that come at considerable personal cost to those who make them.
As a Madonna-mad Adam, Nick Adams, Broadway's Mr. Zero Percent Body Fat, is fittingly bitchy, always ready with a snarky crack. His gym-buffed glutes, showcased in an itty-bitty thong, come within a thread of being TMI.
Nick Adams leaps from the chorus of "La Cage aux Folles" to a memorable star turn as the impulsive Adam, who's still a little boy underneath all that energy and muscle.
Rounding out the trio is Adam, aka Felicia, a younger, campier drag queen. Nick Adams gives the character a winning youthfulness and energy. (He is also physically so well-toned that he gets actual catcalls from the audience.)
while Nick Adams is zesty as the "Madonna-be" Felicia.
Sheldon, who has played Bernadette in prior productions of the musical, gives the most deeply felt performance, while Swenson and Adams are to be commended for their relentless physical stamina.

Nick Adams has mastered his trade.

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