Friday, November 19, 2010

Show is going great! Loving Toronto! Just checkin in.


  1. Glad to hear you are having a good time in Toronto Nick! The show is amazing-I absolutely loved it! You are an inspiration-be proud of yourself. Something about you has really struck a chord in me. The more I read about you the more I am amazed at what a genuine, kind-hearted, giving and beautiful person you are. I read your story about what happened in your youth-it brought tears to my eyes. I wish you all the best-have a great run in Toronto and before you know it you'll be home on Broadway, and with your boyfriend and Lady!

    Leanne (ScissorChik)
    ps. I've been listening to the soundtrack from the Australian show-it is nowhere near as good as the North American cast! You should see the looks I get when I'm driving to work singing along with "Color My World" or "Hot Stuff"!

  2. Thank you for the sweet message! I really appreciate your kind words.


  3. Nick, thank you so much for your support of Casey House and for the fantastic performance at the benefit Sunday night! I am looking forward to seeing you again backstage.

  4. I saw Priscilla last night and thought it was amazing. As an Australian living over here it made me proud to be Australian and also made me a little homesick.

    Your performance was fantastic!