Monday, August 24, 2009

Far Out

FAR OUT invaded Greenwich Village on Saturday night and will be sticking around for 4 more performances: Wednesday, August 26 at 8 pm, Thursday, August 27 at 4:15 pm, Saturday, August 29 at 5 pm, and Sunday, August 30 at 2:45 pm at the Minetta Lane Theatre, 18 Minetta
Lane (North side of Minetta Lane between 6th Avenue and MacDougal Street).

Running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes with one intermission.

FAR OUT-The New Sci-Fi Musical Comedy is a whacky and whimsical musical valentine to all those grade B-sci-fi-alien-invasion movies Hollywood made in the 1950's. It's an intergalactic clash of worlds when the alien Supreme Leader-a singing-eyeball-diva (with the legs and voice of
Tina Turner)-and her entourage encounter an atomic-age desert town in the midst of the cold war, its local mad scientist, small town sheriff, extreme-army Colonel, and Sock Hop-obsessed teens, not to mention a pair of (literally) star-crossed young lovers. 

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