Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey there....want play by play updates from me? Then follow me on twitter... its all the rage these days. Get into it!


  1. Just decided to follow Nick on Twitter...a first for me. I also checked out a bit of the posting. First of all, bless his heart! Florida?! Right now? There's water everywhere...and it's all fallin' from the sky. ;) Seriously, I hope it clears up quickly for him, and esp those who are dealing with so much flooding there. If he sees this..."Have a good vay-cay Nick...if that is why you're heading down Florida way. Sorry, you'll have to forgive my Tennessee-isms. Please don't hold them against me. I can't wait to go back to NYC again soon. Love the place and have many friends there. Have a good and safe trip."

  2. heard u were a doll
    wow u are
    incredible eyes man
    blessings on ye

    u so hotter than that ML

    ur biggest fan in frisco...

  3. Your ancesters may have come through Ellis Island where people with unspellable names got a commong English name and a presidential last name as they were passed through the customs house.

    You could, less likely, be the great, great something of our second president, John Adams, who famously defnded sodomites (aka homosexuals) before his rise to fame. So much for the Christian Right's theory that the founding fathers would never have approved of homosexuals.

    Even less likely, you are the long lost grandson of the, at least bisexual, Hollywood actor, Nick Adams.

    As for me, I think those lips, those eyes, those moves, tell me you are as uniquely talented in bed as you are on the stage. Ok, that last bit was a slightly crass, but, face it, if you are going to look that good, the wolf is gonna whistle.

  4. Thank you all! And yes... I am a great descendant of John Adams.