Thursday, February 26, 2009


I will be a guest Friday February 27th @ 12pm on The Strategy Room. This is an hour long web stream on Fox News. The show airs all day and is political, but the 12 noon to 1 pm hour is their Entertainment Hour. There will be a host/Jill Dobson (Fox Entertainment Reporter) and four or five other guests. We will discuss Guys & Dolls and current projects and then it is a ‘gabfest’ where they discuss events of the day. Check it out here!


  1. You are an amazing talent and I can't wait to see G&D when I'm in New York. But Fox News?

  2. You know, I wondered about that myself! On the one hand, any seasoned performer will say: any publicity is good publicity.

    On the other hand, Fox News hates gay people and wishes there weren't any in the world.

    Glad I didn't have to make that call!

  3. Im promoting Guys and Dolls. National coverage for the show is necessary. This had nothing to do with my private life.