Monday, December 1, 2008

Perez and Nick

Months ago I did a photo shoot with Perez Hilton at The Box in Manhattan. Well here is the photograph from our shoot with famed photogs Markus Klinko & Indrani. Tuesday in Miami, the print is going up for sale during Art Photo Expo, and proceeds will benefit Marriage Equality USA, a non-profit chosen by Perez himself. I am standing with my back to Perez on the left.


  1. And what a nice backside that is!! ;)

  2. I noticed you right away. Great cause, just don't like Perez very much. But kudos to you.

  3. Hey Nick, Brett the fire breather here.

    what do you think of the end product?

  4. yeah, you're right...a bit hectic. Haa, thanks. You have no idea how self conscious I was, me=pale, scrawny and hairy. everyone else=hairless, tan and in shape.

    Yeah, and Markus didn't tell me that it was a nude shoot until I got there.