Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chelsea Lately

Apparently I was mentioned by Chelsea Handler on the June 19th episode of Chelsea Lately on E! I missed it, but if anyone finds a link please email it my way. Thanks.


  1. Did you check out the online video section here?

  2. I saw Chelsea when she was talking about you and Mario Lopez and how he's requested that you not be shirtless around him because it makes his hot body look way inferior to your HOT body. lol. It was funny. I hadn't heard about you before. Her commentary made me look you up, and I'm definitely a fan now... you are BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Last night's episode will be re-broadcast at 6:30. -Set your DVR/TiVO!

  4. I saw you lastnight in A Chorus Line and blogged about it. Awesome dancer you are...

    So happy to see you've taken the high road with regards to this backstage "feud." As you see, the high road will get you everywhere.

    Just let the rest of us take care of the backbiting. We see what's what, and we ain't afraid to call it out.

    Sparkle on, dancer-man!