Friday, May 30, 2008

From The New York Post to the Most Beautiful Man!

I have recently been featured on Most Beautiful Man (The World's #1 Male Celebrity Site). It includes a nice recap of my career to date and a pretty sizable photo album. Thanks for the recognition!


  1. hey sexy,

    I don't know if they let you know about this stuff, but you're now the Most Beautiful Man for June 2008.

    Congrats! It is certainly deserved ;)

  2. Hey, Nick! It's your favorite Aunt Lynne! We are all soooo proud of you!I hope you're having FUN, and we hope to see you soon. Hey, guess what? I found the CUTEST picture of a 4-year old Nicky in his tap dance costume! Awwww....
    Take care....
    Love ya
    Aunt Lynne and the family